With Spring just around the corner, many homeowners will be considering buying a pool. While a pool is an excellent investment that can increase the value of a home and provide endless entertainment, the prospect of selecting one can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips for your pre-purchase research and decisions.

Plan out your pool

Go into your project with a clear plan of what you want in a pool. A builder may be able to guide you through the options or review your needs with you, but ensure that your chosen pool will meet all of your expectations before you begin any construction. Presenting a clear idea to your builder can also help you determine if your desires are within your budget.

Choose a credible pool installer

Ensure that the builder who will be installing your pool is experienced and qualified. Your pool will be a big investment, and shoddy workmanship can cost you a bundle later, on top of ruining your project. A reputable builder will provide you with references, show examples of their work, and be happy to answer any questions that you have. It’s a good idea to check with your local pool builders association if you’re not sure where to start looking for a professional. Your builder will be guiding you through the process ahead, helping you make decisions, and answering your questions, so it’s important that you can confidently trust your chosen professional with your project.

Establish a budget

Discuss your budget with your builder, making sure that there is a clear understanding of how much everything will cost. Unforeseen complications can easily arise, so it’s wise to leave some cushion space in your budget in case of extra costs.

Check your local building codes

Although your builder should be aware of any applicable guidelines, it’s a good idea to educate yourself. There may be rules regarding fencing, taxes, noise policies, and other concerns that could affect your budget or your plan.

Remember long-term costs, including insurance

When establishing your budget and the limits of your project, remember to consider both immediate and long-term costs. Although the cost of maintenance can be surprisingly low, don’t forget to include filling the pool, cleaning, and necessary accessories. A swimming pool could also affect your homeowner’s insurance, so be sure to contact your provider prior to building.

Concerns for Installing a Pool

Once you’ve researched the necessary topics and consulted with your trusted builder, you’re ready to start on your exciting new pool project. Although it is important to track the progress of the installation and stay ahead of any issues, if you enter into the process with these factors in mind you’ll be enjoying your unique pool in no time.