About The Pool Builder

Adding a new pool to your home is always an exciting experience. At Bluebonnet Custom Pools, we want to create a unique pool for you that will not only meet all of your desired specifications, but exceed your expectations.

Whether you know exactly how your new pool should look or want to work with our experienced designers, we’re ready to guide you through the creation of your custom pool. With over 45 years of experience installing pools of every type, we can confidently take on any project that you can imagine. After we discuss the elements of your pool, our team will create a 3D rendering of the design, so that you can see an exact preview before we begin construction, making it easy to make adjustments and edits without costing you anything. Once your design is perfect, we’ll start working to install your unique pool, exactly as you’d like it.

Choose from a number of available features, including:

  • Waterfalls

  • Scuppers

  • Fan sprays

  • Diving rocks

  • Raised spas and cascading spas

  • Sheer descent

  • Waterslides

  • Tanning shelves

  • Custom inlays

  • Rain Curtains

  • Spilways

  • Gushers & Jets

  • Vanishing Edges

  • Caves

  • Grottos

  • Weeping Walls