When it comes to maintaining your pool, it is better to handle all of your pool maintenance on a weekly basis than neglect your duties and suffer the consequences later. When you don’t properly maintain your swimming pool, the consequences come swift and hard. In many cases, replacing malfunctioning or damaged parts to your pool’s filter system can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Here at Bluebonnet Custom Pools, Inc. we’ve compiled a list of weekly pool maintenance tips to ensure that you run a minimal risk of having any damages to your pool or system.

  1. Check your pool’s skimmer baskets at least twice per week. Your pool will collect a minimal amount of debris into your skimmers throughout the week. Checking and emptying your skimmer baskets twice per week will ensure that your skimmers are working at their maximum optimal level to keep your pool clean.
  2. Check your pool’s water chemistry and pH levels twice per week in the warmer months, every 10 days in the cold months. Warmer weather will affect your water’s chemistry and pH levels quicker than colder weather, so it may be necessary to add chlorine and pH balance to your pool more often in the summer months. If you have an auto-chlorinator, be sure to adjust it accordingly for its yearly cycle.
  3. Check the auto pool cleaner weekly and clean as needed. It may be necessary to check it more often in the autumn and spring, or anytime there is consistently more debris in your pool.
  4. Brush your pool as needed. Be on the lookout for dust, dirt, or algae that may be darkening your water. Brushing your pool at the first sign of algae will ensure that the algae does not build up and become dangerous—while algae itself is not dangerous, it can become a feeding ground for harmful bacteria or other microorganisms.
  5. Skim your pool manually with a leaf net. Often times, larger debris on the top of your pool can be too much for your skimmers. In this case, it is necessary to take a few minutes per week to skim the pool manually to lighten the load on your skimmers and auto pool cleaner.
  6. Clean your pool’s filters every 90 days. Cleaning the pool filters every 90 days will keep them in optimal condition to trap debris and dirt. For cleaning filters, we recommend using a power washer or high-pressure hose, and spraying the filters from a safe distance away. Be sure not to get too close, otherwise you may damage the filters.
  7. Keep your pool’s water level in the middle of the top row of tiles. This will keep your pool full, but not overflowing when people are swimming in it.
  8. Run your pool equipment regularly during freezing temperatures. Many pool owners will run their pool system sporadically after the summer season has ended. You may run your system less frequently as the weather begins to cool, however running your pool regularly during freezing temperatures will keep the water from freezing within the system. If your pool water freezes over, it could cause devastating damage to your pool’s internal system.

These tips will provide every pool owner with a substantial guide on how to care for their pool. However, some issues arise that call for the help of an expert. When in doubt always call your pool company. For more information on pool maintenance, or for any general inquiries about swimming pool needs, contact Bluebonnet Custom Pools, Inc. today. We provide our service and expertise to The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, Cypress and Katy areas!

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