If you’re looking to redesign an existing pool, Bluebonnet Custom Pools can turn your current pool into something brand new. Whether you simply want to add some extra shine with a basic refinishing or are looking to add new and exciting features to take your pool to the next level, we are ready to confidently take on any project that you have in mind. A wide selection of plaster, coping, tile, and other materials are available to customize your pool, and our experienced designers can work with you to develop your pool’s new look.

Our available remodeling tasks include:

  • Add head-turning features, including waterfalls, slides, rock walls, spas, and much more

  • Upgrade equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, and sanitation

  • Repair or install lighting

  • Install or upgrade automated controls

  • Add landscaping to enhance the aesthetic of your pool

  • Make changes to the depth of your pool

  • Replace or repair the tile or coping surrounding your pool

  • Refinish the interior of your pool or the surrounding deck surface