When the summer season hits, going swimming in your personal, backyard pool is always the best and most relaxing way to cool off. However, if you have small children and toddlers, you may want to invest in some child-proofing equipment to ensure that your kids don’t come into any danger. At Bluebonnet Custom Pools, we’ve assembled some of the best pool safety tips for parents to ensure that everyone in your family has a great summer experience without any danger or cause for concern.

Childproof your Pool with Fences, Pool Covers, and Alarms:

The best way to ensure that your small children don’t come into any harm or danger at your swimming pool is to install a fence around your pool. The fence should be about 4 feet tall, difficult to climb from the outside, and have no spaces that measure more than 3 inches. Additionally, it would be prudent for your fence to latch on the inside, with no handle on the outside. This will keep your small children from accidentally finding their way into the pool, while still affording you the ability to reach over the fence and unlatch the lock. Be sure to periodically check on the fence and always make sure you latch it when you leave the pool area for the day.

Investing in a motorized pool cover is also a great way to ensure that your little ones are well protected around the swimming area. You can purchase pool covers and motorized automatic pool covers online, or in most local pool stores. Motorized pool covers work better than manual ones; if your little ones get into the pool area and fall onto the pool cover, motorized pool covers can hold much more weight than manual pool covers.

Installing a makeshift alarm system onto your fence can help tremendously. Most homes have an alarm system on doors and windows, but if your child is already outside it’s hard to tell if they are messing around in an area that they shouldn’t be. Attaching chimes of some sort onto the gate of the fence will allow you to hear anytime someone is entering the pool area.

Contact today to Childproof your Pool:

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